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We are Shasta Springs Alpacas located in South Central Pennsylvania. We have been devoted to raising alpacas since 1998. We presently own over 100 Huacayas and Suri Alpacas and have the largest quality selection of Suri alpacas in Pennsylvania. We have exceptional Champion Bloodlines from Bolivia, Peru and Chile. We are committed to breeding the best genetics in the United States to produce a superior quality alpaca.

We have always loved rare and exotic animals. It was important to us to have animals that were safe and low maintaince to raise with our four children. We were fortunate to have the barn attached to our home for easy socializing and personal care. We take great pride in knowing and caring for each individual alpaca.

We love producing exotic and rare colors like grays, appaloosas and blacks, but have all colors to choose from. We are especially proud of the superior quality crias we have produced. We focus on details and want to share our experiences and knowledge with every customer so they can care for and enjoy their alpacas to the fullest. We welcome the opportunity to share our alpacas with you.

Shasta Springs is proud to be one of the original four founding members of Alpacas Without Borders. AWB is a group of alpaca breeders sharing the same common beliefs. AWB is to promote the philosophy of valuing an alpaca based on its individual attributes and breeding alpacas by considering the individual physical characteristics of the breeding pair rather than focusing primarily on breeding based on lineage. For more information visit: